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About ARPO


The Association of Retired Prison Officers/Spouses was first formed in 1981.

A group of Retired Prison Officers coupled with the Arbour Hill Branch Members of the P.O.A. came together to form an Association for Retired Personnel. This was fully endorsed by the National Executive of the P.O.A. who encouraged and gave great assistance to Retired Personnel in setting up this organisation.

Prior to 1981 many retired members experienced great difficulties in matters of Pensionable Pay and other matters. Since then the various Executive Committees of A.R.P.O. have been active in sorting out many problems such as Pensionable Pay and Social Welfare and other matters eliminating a major vacuum which existed in the past.

The membership has grown over the years numbering approximately 615 at December 31st 2011. The Association of Retired Prison Officers is open to all retired members of the prison Service, inclusive of all ranks and all Widows and Widowers of the Prison Service.